Doing Without You – Haciendo Sintigo

Just doing                         vacio1

thinking of


no hesitation

no fear

no fustration

or fracture.

Vast action

waiting for result.

Beating the feeling.


las ondas del mar parecen montañas

los rincones como armas contra seres humanos

y la ciudad como campo penal.


mi oscuro rostro debate con la fuerza de la luz

y mis brazos tiran vacíos balones al futuro.

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No habrá olvido, ni sufrimientos

estoy corriendo la vía anterior

balbuceando palabras desconocidas

sabiendo todos de mis destinos falsos

pero no teniendo miedo del porvenir


and that is just because of your tentative figure

as if it had been only a dangerous hallucination

but I must recognize at once your amazing reality

argueing in vain against our common existence


wenn nur das Ganze vor zwanzig Jahren gewesen wäre

könnte ich jetzt mit ganz anderen Begriffen arbeiten

auf Neuheiten immer – wie vorher – gespannt

wäre meine Seele versprechend wie leere Säle


credo quod non possum credere

fatum est nobis infallibiliter

quomodo nos liberare? sapere impossibile

aliquis nos inducavit in tentationem



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Far away

Until you come back

I’m so happy

Without everyday problems

Without your disturbing voice

I can enjoy the sweet side of life

You left me for not being intensive enough

Now I’m swimming in the sea of peace and quietude

Boring hours are over

I have a new hope

Hope in the future

That you won’t come back ever

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From another aspect 4

The eye doctor was a tall man with an interesting complexion which remembered me to Spanish people I met on Gran Canaria. His voice was deep but he did not exactly inspire confidence. I told him my story of seeing everything in blue and green and asked him if he could anything with this problem. He was humming and hawing for a while, then asked: „What does blue mean to you? And green?” I thought I could not hear his question correctly. But repeatedly the questions were the same.

„Shall we open a conference on the names of colours?” – I asked. „Names are very important” – he answered.

I thought I met an idiot again and began to escape from his room. But at that moment a giant appeared in the door and I could not leave.

„Why don’t you let me out?” – I asked.

„You haven’t paid for the service yet” – answered the giant.

„There was no service at all. I won’t pay a ton of money for nothing.”

„Wrong decision. In this case you must stay here” – he shouted angrily, and his eyes, although until this moment they were blue and green, as everything else, went white…

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From another aspect 3

While driving towards the office my cell phone rang. That was Jack, my boss. „Andrew, your wife called me to say that you do not feel yourself very well this morning but she could not persuade you to stay at home.”

„Don’t worry, Jack. Jane is always very anxious. It was only a little headache, nothing else”.

By this time I was convinced that something has happened to my eyes. When Jane said that everything was always blue and green she was not serious. She thought I had drunk a lot, that is why she left me in my belief. I decided to go to an eye specialist. In the office I asked Jack if he knew one. „You know, there is something wrong with my eyes”- I said. „What? You cannot see well?” – he asked on a curious voice. „I cannot see colours properly”.

Jack looked at me with a surprised face, without saying a word. Our job is working with a geographic information system; colours are essential in this activity.

He was very sorry, but did not know any eye doctor. So I had to find one on the site of Yellow Pages. And only later became an evidence, that it was not the best choice…

To be continued

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From another aspect 2

Those stripes seemed to be overwhelming everywhere: on people, on buildings, on vehicles. To recognize it, was a dizzying feeling. After I had floundered home my wife Jane asked me how much I had drunk because my behaviour was a little suspicious to her. I tried to deny but in vain; she was very angry and sent me to bed.

Next morning I woke up very early; I was full of hope that the whole thing was only a nightmare, a dream, nothing else. But the reality was cruel: every object was blue-green, as the previous evening.

Jane entered the room: „Hope you won’t drink today” – she said on a cold, almost rigid sound. „Jane, I did not drink anything last night”. „Of course, not” – she said and left me alone.

I ran to the kitchen, where she was preparing breakfast for the kids. „Look Jane, there was a strange sound, and since then I can see everything in blue and green.”

„And what is the problem with that?” – she asked. „Everything is blue and green, as usual. For this reason you might not drink so deep.”

„Are you serious?” – I was standing as a fossilized statue.

At this moment her eyes went frightened.

To be continued


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From another aspect

There was a great crowd in the mall that evening because somebody like a movie star or else was to appear, I do not know. Ventilation was not very good and the building was a little overheated, so neighbouring people began to be a bit malodorous. That is why I decided to escape into a small restaurant in the corner of the food centre. I was nibbling my tapas when a low, but penetrating sound was heard. „Oh, that was a light! Don’t worry!” – shouted the waiter, but I knew he wasn’t right.

Sure, it could not be a sound of a light. I felt something strange somewhere in my brain. While I was gazing the waiter’s face it went blue, then green. And his voice was not the same, either.

I looked around. At that moment everybody seemed to be green-blue striped: faces, hairs, dresses, suits, everything on them. I was frightened and began to run out of the mall towards fresh air. It was not a simple job to struggle through the crowd but I managed.

In the street everything was quiet and calm. When looking at the top of the mall, I noticed a narrow ray; as if it came from the dark sky. A ray of blue-green stripes.

To be continued tomorrow

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