Something like this one

It was a small cube which seemed to be transparent, but only darkness could be seen inside. Nobody knew why. In bright sunshine, sheer darkness. No man wanted to touch it. Localized on a white stone-table in the park, everybody looked at it, but only from a certain distance.

Once upon an early morning a red-haired cockney boy came around and stared the cube wondering its peculiarity.  He could be in his first school year, in fresh, dark-blue uniform. After a while three of his mates arrived when the boy shouted: „Go away, fools, this is something extraterrestrial!” And they ran away.

In the afternoon of the same day an old lady appeared in the shadow of the tree next to the stone-table. She looked at the cube, and was convinced, it was the stone of the wise.

Since then a lot of people have seen that cube but none of them touched it.

Make your bets, please: what could it be?



About jszegedi

A secret, as everybody on our planet. Making life better is not difficult at all; some literature and nice ideas are enough. Un secreto, como cada uno en nuestro planeta. Hacer la vida mejor no es difícil; alguna literatura y hermosas ideas son bastante. Ein Geheimnis, wie ein jeder auf unserer Erde. Das Leben zu verbessern ist nicht schwer; bißchen Literatur und schöne Ideen sind genug.
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  1. jszegedi says:

    Some anti-stuff…

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