From another aspect 4

The eye doctor was a tall man with an interesting complexion which remembered me to Spanish people I met on Gran Canaria. His voice was deep but he did not exactly inspire confidence. I told him my story of seeing everything in blue and green and asked him if he could anything with this problem. He was humming and hawing for a while, then asked: „What does blue mean to you? And green?” I thought I could not hear his question correctly. But repeatedly the questions were the same.

„Shall we open a conference on the names of colours?” – I asked. „Names are very important” – he answered.

I thought I met an idiot again and began to escape from his room. But at that moment a giant appeared in the door and I could not leave.

„Why don’t you let me out?” – I asked.

„You haven’t paid for the service yet” – answered the giant.

„There was no service at all. I won’t pay a ton of money for nothing.”

„Wrong decision. In this case you must stay here” – he shouted angrily, and his eyes, although until this moment they were blue and green, as everything else, went white…


About jszegedi

A secret, as everybody on our planet. Making life better is not difficult at all; some literature and nice ideas are enough. Un secreto, como cada uno en nuestro planeta. Hacer la vida mejor no es difícil; alguna literatura y hermosas ideas son bastante. Ein Geheimnis, wie ein jeder auf unserer Erde. Das Leben zu verbessern ist nicht schwer; bißchen Literatur und schöne Ideen sind genug.
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