Emerging Poem of Finance

customer: a tall man with long face and hairy nose

entering the talk-room taking his seat

assistant’s question: what is your deal

my deal is investing money in your bank

I wonder if your interest rate is high enough

and the action is safe. And if I have access to my money

whatever time. And duration, and every detail.

well Sir, our offer is most advantageous ever,

the champion of investment branch.

nobody can beat us,

as we have close contacts

to most lucrative deals

on emerging markets.

and what about the risks?

our risk management is famous

no danger exists at all

because we always defend your money.

no, at us there’s no crisis

nor false news

we are the emerging bank of the emerging world


About jszegedi

A secret, as everybody on our planet. Making life better is not difficult at all; some literature and nice ideas are enough. Un secreto, como cada uno en nuestro planeta. Hacer la vida mejor no es difícil; alguna literatura y hermosas ideas son bastante. Ein Geheimnis, wie ein jeder auf unserer Erde. Das Leben zu verbessern ist nicht schwer; bißchen Literatur und schöne Ideen sind genug.
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